Bee Honey (250 gm)

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Cultivah Organics bee honey for boosting immunity and glowing skin. Nourish with the fat-free, cholesterol-free, sodium-free, and rightly called nature’s sweet nectar suitable for all sweetening purposes. With enriched nectar & subtle taste, Cultivah Organics raw honey is the merger of good health and a good mood.

Key Features:

  • 100% Natural Himalayan Wild Honey
  • 100% Free from pesticides
  • 100% Free from chemicals
  • 100% Free from antibiotics and toxins
  • Free from artificial preservatives, fillers, and binders
  • Non processed
  • Indian Government approved
  • Gluten free

Health Benefits:

  • Boosts energy naturally: Glucose in honey gives a rapid energy boost, whereas fructose provides sustained energy.
  • Treats Cough, thanks to its antimicrobial properties.
  • Improves the sleep cycle as it releases serotonin.
  • It treats wounds and burns with its antiseptic properties.
  • It prevents heart diseases.
  • Natural substitute for sugar.
  • Improves metabolism to boost weight loss.
  • Wild honey works wonders on patches of dry skin therefore it is a fantastic moisturizer.
  • Cultivah Organics Bee Honey is the powerhouse of antioxidants and antibacterial properties that help in improving the digestive system and boosting immunity.

Why Cultivah Organics Wild Honey?

  • We serve you only with the best ingredients outsourced from the native region cultivated in the natural organic environment.
  • Wild honey is high in antioxidants which is evident in its dark color.
  • Our sources use sustainable honey harvest involves cutting the honeycomb from a beehive without killing or harming bees.
  • With no added preservatives, fillers, binders, top-class production methods, and special glass packaging, every spoon of Cultivah Organics Wild Honey provides longevity and freshness.

Cultivah Organics is nurtured in terrains enthroned by the Himalayas. Revitalizing flavors to help you live a vibrant and healthy life in a natural organic way.

4 reviews for Bee Honey (250 gm)

  1. gunjanlaspal19 (verified owner)

    It’s totally worth it. If you’re looking for fresh original honey with no additives then this is the one. Go for it and I believe this brand @cultivahorganics will continue maintaining their quality 👍great job

  2. Devendra Negi (verified owner)

    First time I had such a fine quality honey…

  3. Akanksha Rawat (verified owner)

    I was searching for raw pure honey when i came across this and I’m impressed by the excellent quality of Indigenous Honey. I also did my home tests for checking the quality of the honey and found it Original (raw honey). Definitely i would recommend it to any one who want to lead a healthy natural life… love it 💚

  4. Manoj Bhatt (verified owner)

    Just three words. “Go for it” dont think twice before buying this product. I have already bought one 20 days back and am definitely going to buy one more once this is done.

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